Life sciences and Healthcare

Life sciences and healthcare cover rapidly growing and highly innovative sectors of a prime public interest. These sectors are subject of very strict regulations which have to be considered at every business level. We believe that the thorough understanding of the regulatory framework keeps the business prepared for not few challenges in the sectors and helps to manage them.

We support our clients and ensure that they are compliant with the specific requirements for their activities irrespective whether they produce or distribute medicinal products, drugs, chemicals or medical devices, invest in, manage or provide medical services etc.

Our Life sciences and Healthcare team advises on:

  • Market authorization procedures applicable for the relevant sector
  • Licencing, collaboration and R&D agreements, outsourcing
  • Distribution agreements
  • Product advertising and marketing
  • Participation in public procurement procedures
  • Development of sector specific software
  • IP rights
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Due diligence and full business compliance for internal purposes or for the purposes of M/A transactions and restructuring etc.