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PPG Lawyers –
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PPG Lawyers is an EU boutique law firm specialised in advising on regulatory matters.

The Difference: Of course, you can count on us for the full legal support of your business!
However, we remain keen on our philosophy to offer the business our considerable expertise in narrowly specialised areas of regulation. It is for this reason that oOur team is made up of highly qualified professionals in a specific regulations at EU and national level. We maintain and develop this expertise on an ongoing basis.

The Competence: We are entitled to provide legal advice on the law of our home Member States, on EU Community law and on international law as the case may be. As part of a number of European and international organisations in various regulatory sectors, our team is made up of lawyers who advise clients from all over the EU. Due to the direct application of the European regulations to all Member States we are qualified to provide advice on all matters regulated at EU level.

The Team: PPG Lawyers is made of professionals with years of experience in their chosen field of expertise. All of them have practised as senior attorneys, consultants and litigators in various local and international law firms and corporations. Some of our experts have been part of BG regulators and institutions teams in the past and therefore are well acquainted with the practice from the inside. Moreover, we work closely with external consultants with economic background, which helps us understand the needs of the business from an economic perspective and thus to provide the clients with more practically oriented advice.

The Partnerships: PPG Lawyers partners with proven law firms in the CEE region, as well as the US, extending our ability to advise clients on cross-border matters.

The Expertise: An emphasis in our work are public procurement, data protection, competition and consumer protection. We further provide expert services in a number of other (sectoral) regulatory niches, such as waste management, electronics, fuels, energy, telecommunications, wholesale and retail trade, labelling, pharmacy, and many others. Our teams carry out also specialised trainings and compliance audits.

The Attitude: PPG Lawyers believes that the close personal relation attitude with the client matters! We get a thorough knowledge about client’s business model so that our advice is tailor made for it, understandable and easy for implementation. We carefully choose and attach an experienced leading lawyer from the team to each the client. He is always at disposal of the client and navigates manages the whole working process for him. All leading lawyers are supported by smoothly organised team of experts with qualification and experience reflecting the specifics of the client’s needs.



Dr Irena Georgieva is the founder and manager of PPG Lawyers with more than fifteen years of experience in public procurement and data protection matters.
She has built the team of PPG Lawyers by bringing together motivated attorneys and consultants with long-standing expertise tightly focused in the areas of regulation we consult.


Our team proves that
a cost-efficient quality service
is not an oxymoron

PPG Lawyers has successfully advised HeleCloud LTD on the acquisition of the BG company DataStork (a cloud services company).


PPG Lawyers has successfully advised an online chain of private companies for physiotherapists and health professionals in Bulgaria regarding their compliance with the legal regulations on competition, consumer protection and personal data protection.


Att. Mariya Papazova and att. Irena Georgieva were the keynote speakers at the specialized seminar on the problems of online commerce organized by “Bulgarski zakonnik” (27.11.2019). Att. Papazova commented on the rules and the mandatory compliance with respect to consumer protection and competition. Att. Georgieva explained the problematic aspects in the regulation of online commerce and data protection, direct marketing, use of cookies etc. The seminar generated interest not only among the audience but also among the hundreds of participants who purchased the recorded lectures.


Our partner att. Mariya Papazova published a country report about New Fuel Sector Inquiry in Bulgaria in the European Competition and Regulatory Law Review (CoRe) 2/2019 (Vol. 3) of the Lexxion, as a country correspondent for Bulgaria. The report reflects the main findings of the third inquiry in the fuel sector in Bulgaria for the last 10 years which has been conducted by the Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. You may find the full text of the country report here.


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