Compliance Audits

In line with best practices, we offer our clients internal compliance audits to identify how general and sector-specific requirements are applied and respected (e.g., personal data protection, competition, labelling and many others). The audits we perform identify deviations and omissions and note the measures for their correction. This avoids serious sanctions during inspections and audits by regulatory authorities.

Audits can be performed in one or more regulatory areas, depending on the customer needs. Our work includes research of the sector and how the particular business operates. We prepare questionnaires for interviews with key individuals based on the focus of the audit. On this basis, we determine what type and volume of documents will be reviewed.

On the basis of the audit information we receive, we identify the risks to your enterprise and determine measures to address them. These may include, for example, the preparation of internal rules and acts, compliance programs, training of employees to comply with specific procedures and/or to adequately response to an inspection by a regulatory body, simulation of on-site inspections by regulators (e.g. mock dawn raids)etc.

More about the different types of on-site inspections carried out by regulatory authorities can be found here.