Cyber-attacks, and the need to protect against them, are no longer like an episode of science fiction. Literally any business can be attacked and must know what rights it has to build its defense system, and at the same time comply with all legal requirements. Many IT issues and solutions are not new, but the legislative decisions are still “fresh” and unclear to most customers. Frequent legal changes are also observed at the EU level, which makes it difficult for businesses to properly monitor the expected compliance with applicable legislation.

We can help you:

  • to assess the risk based on the documentation and systems you use
  • to draft/revise your internal procedures and policies so that they are workable, applicable and easily understood by your employees
  • to analyse incidents and consult you based on our conclusions
  • to analyse, in detail, your company’s confidentiality and data security measures and/or security and data management programs and draw up a plan to improve compliance
  • to conduct legal analyses and determine the applicable privacy and cyber security laws and to summarise the legal requirements you need to follow
  • by working with your employees and training them to recognise the legal requirements and/or response to an incident or other threat to the company’s cyber security.