Public Procurement

To navigate successfully the extensive process of public procurement award procedures and the dynamically-changing EU and local legislative framework, you need:

  • Legal advice on the correct interpretation of the information provided by the contracting authority for a procurement, a public–private partnership procedure and/or a concession
  • Legal advice on the documents that you need to submit as part of your offer
  • Organisation of, drafting and tracking of documentation
  • Drafting of joint venture and/or subcontracting agreements
  • Completing the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) to suit your needs for participation in various procurements in compliance with the your company’s profile
  • Use and fill in of the e-ESPD
  • Legal advice on the possibility or the outcome of any appeal of the procurement procedure at its various stages
  • Legal representation to challenge the procurement notification and/or the contracting authority’s other decisions
  • An expert to liaise with the local institution/contracting authority and to transmit the requirements thereof in accessible language
  • Assistance throughout the procurement or concession award procedure and/or the contract performance
  • Regular research updates on future projects of potential interest to you in your business area
  • Assistance in the translation and/or legalisation of documents.

Our team of experts and legal advisors is at your disposal to help you feel confident in all your actions or decisions regarding the procurement procedure in which you wish to participate.

PPG Lawyers has long-standing experience in advising local and foreign clients from various business areas (such as IT, construction, energy) engaged in public procurement procedures in Bulgaria. We are perfectly acquainted with the needs of our clients and the nature of their questions and concerns when submitting tenders and/or appeal procedures before the Bulgarian regulator and/or the courts. Our team works at the client’s pace and deadlines, and becomes an indispensable partner for your company through the whole award process.