Competition Protection

The European and national competition law ensures market conditions for the business and guarantees consumers with quality goods and services at reasonable price. These rules directly concern the commercial policy of each market participant, their relations with its competitors and commercial partners (suppliers and distributors) as well as those with its end clients. They all must be compliant with the European and national competition law, otherwise risk of sever material sanctions exists.

We provide legal advice and support with respect to:

  • Competition compliance programs
  • Audits for risk assessment and measures for avoidance of the risks
  • Training of employees for competition compliance in relations with competitors, distributors, suppliers and clients
  • Training of employees for on-site inspections (dawn raids) by the European Commission and Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission
  • Distribution agreements and specialisation agreements with competitors
  • Assessment of commercial terms and conditions (e.g. prices, discounts, supply conditions, etc.) and advertising or promotional campaigns for competition compliance before implementation
  • Assessment of the notification obligation before European Commission or Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission in case of concentration of economic activities, preparation of notification and legal representation
  • State aid
  • Legal representation in case of antitrust and unfair competition infringements, and resulting damage claims
  • Compliance audits