Consumer Protection

Irrespective whether you are a manufacturer or a trader in traditional commercial sites or online if your business is directed to consumers, you have to fulfil different regulatory requirements connected to:

  • The way you notify the prices of your goods or services to the consumers
  • The content of information you provide to consumers as well as the form in which you provide that information
  • The content of the agreements for sale of goods or services outside commercial sites and distance agreements (e.g., by online trade)
  • Communication of different promotions and discounts
  • Avoidance of unfair trade practices
  • Safety of goods
  • Compliance of your goods and services with the respective regulatory requirements
  • Content and requirements for commercial guarantees
  • Order for receiving and considering consumers’ claims
  • Resolving disputes with consumers before competent authorities and the court

We can help you solving all issues related to providing information to and communication with the consumers as well as by resolving disputes.

Our experience in consulting the business in different sectors, such as: fuels, wholesale and retail of food and non-food goods in traditional commercial sites and online, will save your time and will ensure you comfort about your compliance with the legal framework. We at PPG Lawyers are prepared to support you at any stage of resolving consumer disputes – from direct communication to conducting proceedings beforecompetent administrative bodies and courts.